Turkmen cinema was originated in the beginning of XX century, and, more exactly, on February 7, 1926. The news and documentary films were created particularly that time. That period, Ashgabat Film Studio began to work in the territory of Turkmenistan. Initially, news and documentary films were made. Later, such feature films «White-Cotton», «I will Return» and others were produced. Times changed, the content and meaning of the Turkmen films were also changed. The first professional Turkmen film directors, cameramen and actors were appeared on the arena. Owing to these talented national specialists, such masterpieces as «Contest» by Bulat Mansurov, «Decisive Step» by Alty Garliyev, «Event in Dashgala» by Meret Agahanov, then «The Man’s Upbringing » by Osman Saparov, «Son» by Khalmammet Kakabayev, «Japbaks» by Kakov Orazsahedov were appeared in the 60-ies of XX century. With achieving independence by the Turkmen people, the national cinema also gained independence. The films, which glorified development and strengthening of young state, national traditions and culture of nation, were created. Then documentary films were mainly produced. Such films as «Independence», «History of Turkmen Flag», «Love for Motherland», «Chronicle of Independence», «Motherland of White Wheat», «Margush Country» were the first swallows of the cinema of the independent country. Those years, the fiction films were also created. Such films as «Ajayip», «Son of Motherland», «By Ways of Fortune», «Legend about Carpet», «When I Remember You» and others aroused a great interest of numerous spectators. The films were produced for children’s audience. The children’s funny serial as «Yumajyk» («Clew») arouse degreed interest. It should be particularly noted that free aid ofthe Esteemed President of Turkmenistan has a particular importance in development of the modern Turkmen cinema. Due to his paternal care, «Turkmen film» Association named after Oguzkhan has purchased the super modern cinematographic engineering. Thanks to EP, many cinema halls of Ashgabat were reconstructed. As a result of it, such magnificent cinema and concert centres as «Turkmenistan» and «Vatan» were appeared in the capital. New «Ashgabat» Cinema was opened in the capital due to concern of the President. This super modern cinema seats 600 spectators and has 3D viewing rooms.